Our refinery

Our refinery is located in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong province, approximately 180 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, which is a major market for our hydrocarbon fuels. The strategic location of our refinery provides proximity to key transportation options and major demand centers which lowers transportation costs and provides several supply and distribution advantages.

Our marine terminal, which dispatches about 70% of our refined petroleum products, has two piers which can accommodate vessels of up to 80,000 tons. The main pier, with five berths, is used for the distribution of hydrocarbon fuels and petrochemical feedstocks both domestically and to the export market as well as to receive domestic crude oil. The secondary pier is a shared asset with PTTGC and is used primarily for the distribution of LPG.   Distribution
How we sell   We also operate a truck loading terminal (responsible for about 15% of our refined petroleum products distribution) for our offtakers to facilitate the distribution of our hydrocarbon fuels and petrochemical feedstocks to the southeast and northeast of Thailand, within Rayong province and to the Indochina export market, including Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The Thappline pipeline, to which our refinery is connected, is owned and operated by Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd. It is capable of transporting a range of hydrocarbon fuels and petrochemical feedstocks and accounts for about 10% of our refined petroleum products distribution.